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    Industrial Blasting and Protective Coatings

    S&L Building Services provide the resources to it’s clients for all surface preparation and
    Protective Coatings. We offer a Protective Coating System to suit any situation;

    • Structural Steel
    • Coal Handling Prep Plants
    • Draglines and Shovels
    • Drills and all other mining equipment
    • Conveyer systems
    • Offshore structures and ship loaders
    • Non slip surfaces
    • Demarcations of workshops and walkways
    • High Pressure cleaning
    • Solvent cleaning
    • Abrasive and Non Abrasive Blasting

    Scaffolding Services

    Our Scaffolding division can supply Scaffolders from Basic to Advanced, ensuring our clients have the coverage they require experience in. S&L Building Services is professionally minded, provides a one on one customer service, is able to provide drafting and engineering , quantity estimates, tonnage and arrange all logistics;

    • Modular
    • Kwikstage
    • Cuplock
    • Layer
    • Tube & Coupler
    • Edge Protection
    • Access platforms
    • Stages & Grandstands
    • Mobile Scaffolds
    protective coatings

    Protective Coating Products

    With a focus on maximising lifetime expectancy for infrastructure, plant, side by side with minimising risk of potential environmental impact, S&L Building Services Pty Ltd applicators have been at the fore front of Polyurea, Polyurethane Technologies and Epoxy Coatings for over 15 years offering the best solutions for maximising your assets and ensuring ongoing maintenance costs are reduced.

    S&L Building Services use Akzonobel International to supply our protective coatings. Being the world leader of industrial protective coatings, the choice was simple to use their products. High quality products paired with high quality service and correct application will safeguard the longevity of your assets and minimise maintenance costs in the long run.

    We utilise products such as High Build Epoxy Coatings that are able to be applied to damp surfaces along with a Protective Coating that is able to continue it’s cure process once immersed in salt water.

    Your assets are valuable, so it is important to protect them. S&L commit to providing quality service to ensure your assets stay in good condition

    Product Description – Polyurea
    Pure Polyurea is a 85% solid; spray applied, pure Polyurea elastomeric coating that exhibits excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance, as well as elongation and tear strength.

    Concrete Remediation

    If you have a problem with your concrete, S&L will find or design a solution for you using quality and recognised products from world recognised suppliers such as Sika & Xypex.

    S&L Building Services realise it is a necessity when applying the best products available, that they be accompanied with correct preparation techniques along with application processes that guarantee to last well into the future protecting clients assets and reducing maintenance costs.

    • Concrete Scanning for Identification and Preventative Treatments of Spalling
    • Crack Repairs
    • Resin Injection
    • Epoxy Coatings
    • Construction Joint Treatment
    • Sealing of Penetrations
    • Treatment of Tie Bolt Holes


    When it comes to protecting your building, wharf, cranes, heavy-duty machinery, steel structures, bridges, platforms and steel towers, S&L Building Services Pty Ltd is the single reliable source for comprehensive rustproofing. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we pride ourselves on offering the best systems and processes available by utilising the latest material technology and proven installation techniques.

    Safety Advice

    • Advice in Working at Heights and Confined Space
    • JRA and Job/Task planning
    • Hazard identification and management
    • Safety equipment auditing, inspections and registers

    Industrial cleaning

    • Removal of grease, oils and contaminants from work areas
    • Site Housekeeping